Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement can help relieve pain in your joints and enable you to live a fuller, more active life.  When the cartilage surrounding the joint wears away due to osteoarthritis or a traumatic injury, it can cause bone on bone friction and become very painful. When conservative treatment options like medications, physical therapy, injections, and activity modification don’t relieve your pain, and daily activities become difficult to do, your doctor may recommend a total joint replacement. It is a surgical procedure in which the damaged areas of the bone are removed and replaced with metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthesis.Total joint replacement surgery is most commonly performed on the hip and knee joints, but can also be done on shoulders, ankles, wrists, or elbows.  

At The Center, we focus on personal attention and patient education as part of the healing process. Once you have made the decision for joint replacement, having a positive outlook for surgery is a key step in your recovery. Remember, the goal of joint replacement surgery is to relieve your pain and get your quality of life back. Commit yourself to follow your surgeon’s instructions, work on your exercise plan, and get back to doing what you love.

This website offers general information about your orthopedic surgery. Please follow the instructions from your doctor and medical team, even if those instructions are different from what you read here.

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