Are you experiencing Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis?

  • Deep achy pain on the inner front of the ankle?
  • Loss of motion at the ankle?
  • Ankle weakness?
  • Swelling on the inner front of the ankle?
  • Increased pain in your ankle with increased activity?

These symptoms can be a result of Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis. A condition not very well known, but one that can have lasting affects if not properly diagnosed and treated.

The muscle that runs down the front of your shin is called the Tibialis Anterior muscle. This muscle works together with your Anterior Tibial tendon, located on the inner-front of the ankle to help your foot flex upward. This muscle and tendon rely on one another for proper foot and ankle function. When the muscle and tendon stop working together because of overuse or a traumatic ankle injury, Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis may occur.

Another condition that can occur in the ankle is Drop Foot. Drop Foot, also known as Foot Drop, can be caused when the Anterior Tibialis muscle and tendon stop working all together. Those with this condition experience difficulty lifting the front part of their foot, or their foot and toes drag on the floor when they walk. In most cases, this condition is treatable by addressing the underlying medical condition causing it.

In this short video, Dr. Anthony Hinz, orthopedic surgeon at The Center, goes further into explaining the cooperative relationship between the Tibialis Anterior muscle and tendon.

Who’s at risk of Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis?

  • Runners are known to experience symptoms because of the overuse and repetitive strain on their ankles and feet.
  • Athletes in any other sports that require repetitive use of the feet and ankles, such as soccer.
  • Those in any work environment that require performing activities of a repetitive or forceful nature, like walking up and down stairs.
  • Someone who has experienced a sudden trauma or an accident to their ankle.
  • Patients with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis may be at higher risk.

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