You need to do the research and clinical studies to get results that really help people. – Dr. James Nelson
The Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence (FORCE) Laboratory opened in May 2013. It provides cutting-edge research and seeks to optimize musculoskeletal function and performance, prevent injury, and promote general well-being through the study of human movement. It is a partnership between the Exercise and Sport Science program at Oregon State University-Cascades, The Center, and Therapeutic Associates. It is located in the Therapeutic Associates—Bend Physical Therapy clinic housed at The Center next to St. Charles Medical Center. In addition to research, the FORCE Lab provides movement analysis services to the public. These services include general injury prevention and musculoskeletal wellness programs, walking and running assessments, and sport-specific programs such as golf swing assessment. For more information call 541-639-4122.  


FORCE Lab News

Bend lab studies could lead to better knee braces
Researchers will study subjects using braces in real-time. Learn more
OSU-Cascades shows off new biomechanics lab
Oregon State University President Ed Ray toured a new biomechanics lab that opened Monday at OSU-Cascades in Bend. There are few if any others in the nation like the lab here in Central Oregon. Learn more
OSU-Cascades opens a new sports medicine research lab in Bend
In and around Bend, skiers slip down Mt. Bachelor’s slopes, cyclists pump their way around Century Drive, climbers scale Smith Rock State Park’s amber towers and athletic injuries abound. No wonder the folks at Oregon State University-Cascades decided it was ideally situated to open a new operation aimed at the studying the successes and missteps of active lifestyles. The Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence, known as FORCE Laboratory, opens this month. Learn more