Expert Answers to Elbow Pain – Live Webinar

This pre-recorded webinar is for those experiencing elbow pain from either overuse injuries or degenerative conditions. Orthopedic surgeon and upper extremity specialist, Dr. Healy, discusses the various treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical.


  • Overuse injuries (golfers and tennis elbow)
  • Degenerative conditions (bursitis)
  • Tendon tears
  • Minimally invasive treatment options
  • Non-surgical treatment options
  • When you should see an orthopedic surgeon
  • Live Q&A


Christopher Healy, DO

Dr. Chris Healy is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon, specializing in shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and trauma and fracture care. He enjoys the new and interesting challenges each day presents, whether he is piecing together a fractured arm after an accident, seeing patients in clinic, or performing routine hand surgeries, every day is dynamic and immensely satisfying. What drives Dr. Healy the most is helping people and getting them get back to what they love.

“Seeing patients through injuries and putting them back on the pathway to full, pain-free function is incredibly fulfilling work.”  – Dr. Healy