Food Truck Owner Keeps on Cooking After Hip Replacement

patient greeting patients in her food truck

After a few years of consistent pain, Yolanda was surprised at age 54 to learn that she needed total hip replacement surgery. As a food truck owner and operator, as well as a server, getting out of pain was crucial to be able to continue with her way of life. She is passionate about cooking and serving food and loves being around people. At that time, she couldn’t even go to the grocery store or do activities of daily living without pain. She believed that she was going to have to give up the Saucy Senorita food truck and her ability to be a server.

She was not scared going into surgery because of her confidence in her total joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Connor King. The recovery went very smoothly for Yolanda, she said, ”I had one day of real pain and after one week, I was off pain meds, just taking Tylenol and doing fine.”  Having the hip replacement allowed her to get back to the things she loves most, without pain.