Golfer Returns to the Links after Elbow Injury

Wendy Duncan

On an icy December day, Wendy was fumbling to open her car door in a parking lot when she slipped and her elbow took the entire impact of the fall. Consultation with Dr. Verheyden revealed a dislocation of her elbow cap and two fractures, prompting swift surgical intervention that involved the use of a sizeable plate secured with 11 screws.

As a lifelong golfer, she was worried about how this injury would affect her golf game. Initially resuming with putting, she tenaciously progressed to chipping, and before long, triumphantly reclaimed her prowess in driving the ball and engaging in full rounds of golf.

She is so grateful that she was able to resume her active way of life after this debilitating injury, returning not only to golf, but also to all the other outdoor activities that enrich her life living in Central Oregon.