Professional Mountain Biker Returns to Sport after Surgery

Sierrah Umhauer

Sierrah Umhauer, professional mountain biker in women’s dirt jump and free ride, tells her story of returning to sport after surgery to repair a broken clavicle. She had just received a bike from Transition and was excited to ride jumps in Utah. Normally very confident in jumping, her foot slipped in the air and she fell, resulting in a broken clavicle. She had x-rays taken at the local hospital and sent to The Center in her hometown of Bend, Oregon. Dr. Healy and Chris Stout, PA-C did the surgery a week later. She was impressed by her care team, they took the time to call her the next day to see how she was doing. She knew they were out for her best interests, and felt that her hand surgeon really understood her lifestyle and did everything he could to help her return to sport and her active lifestyle.