Professional Mountain Biker Returns to the Podium After Surgery

porsha murdock

Porsha started riding mountain bikes in her junior year of college. She enjoyed racing and discovered that she had a passion and talent for enduro, and was able to turn professional. In November 2018, she injured her knee riding. Her diagnosis included a torn meniscus, ruptured ACL, and a partial tear on her MCL. As a professional athlete that has gone through injuries before, she knew that she was in for a long recovery, both physically and mentally. Dr. Bollom and the entire team were incredible and made her feel at ease during the entire process. After waiting six weeks to allow the MCL tear to heal, she had surgery on her meniscus and replaced the torn ACL with her patellar tendon. She was non-weight bearing for six weeks and then was able to start some physical therapy towards the end of the year. Her goal was to return to riding and enter her first big race in May.

She went to Arkansas for the Enduro World Series – North America rounds and ended up winning. “I wasn’t expecting to be back so quickly since I was still trying to develop muscle and recover. It was an amazing feeling! By winning that race, I was able to get enough points to represent the United States in the Trophy of Nations in Sinale Ligure, Italy, in September. I did less races this season on the recommendation of Dr. Bollom and my physical therapist to limit exposure while I was healing, so it was pretty incredible to have that opportunity.”