Motocross Pro’s Resilient Return after Injury

Justin Homan

Justin grew up riding and jumping BMX bikes, when he was ten years old he bought his first dirt bike. Since that time, he has become a seasoned motocross professional. His love for two wheels has driven his life. He’s competed professionally in motocross, freestyle motocross, supercross, and trick contests. Even at the age of 50, he still competes professionally with unwavering passion.

An unfortunate event during training led to a traumatic injury. Launching off a jump, he landed with both feet, shattering his heels. He sought help at The Center and consulted with Dr. Hinz. The diagnosis was serious—compound fractures on both heels, necessitating surgical repair that involved bone grafts from his hip and shins, leading to a loss of half an inch in height.

Embracing recovery with the same grit that fueled his motocross pursuits, Justin defied expectations. Despite a typical recovery period of 9-12 months, his relentless determination propelled him back onto his bike and into various sports he enjoys, including mountain biking and skiing. He also engages in coaching both kids and adults in motocross track, jump, and trick skills, even passing on his expertise to his own two children.