Walking Pain-Free Again After Toe Joint Surgery

Jim Ferrarin Patient Story

Jim had problems with his big toe for many years, which probably stemmed from riding motorcycles when he was young. When the pain got so bad that he couldn’t sleep at night, he went to see a podiatrist. He wanted to fuse his toe and that just wasn’t an option for him. He is an active person and fusion would have left him with no mobility. He started researching other options and discovered an implant that might work. The manufacturer set him up with Dr. Moore, who said he was the perfect candidate for that procedure, which involves placing a gel implant into the toe joint that acts as a cushion, so you have lubrication and the toe can move again.

“Although it was a relatively new procedure, I felt good about it because it allows for fusion of the toe joint or additional surgical treatment in the future if necessary. The recovery wasn’t too bad. I was walking again in three weeks and slowly gained my mobility back. A year later, my toe feels nearly 100% better. I’m back to hunting, hiking, and able to do all of the activities needed to run my 160 acre farm.”