Dirt Biker Returns to Sport after Life Altering Wrist Injury

During a high-speed dirt bike race, Dawn was taken out from behind on a jump. She suffered a severe wrist injury, requiring eventual fusion surgery. Dr. Lilly, a hand and wrist orthopedic specialist, was able to treat the pain with conservative treatments initially, but when injections failed to alleviate the pain, a four corner fusion became necessary.

The procedure was successful, but Dawn faced a daunting challenge afterward. The initial lack of wrist motion made it nearly impossible for her to use the bike’s clutch hand. Through rigorous rehabilitation, she gradually regained motion and eventually returned to dirt biking without pain.

Dawn appreciated Dr. Lilly’s understanding of the importance of resuming activities after an injury, especially as someone who participates in extreme sports. This shared passion and expertise brought her comfort throughout her recovery. Her experience also influenced her work as an orthopedic technician at The Center, where their team applies an average of 40 casts per day. Having worn casts herself, she is dedicated to ensuring her patients’ comfort and effective treatment for her entire team.

Dawn’s journey showcases The Center’s commitment to comprehensive, compassionate care and understanding patients’ desire to return to their passions.