Athlete Returns to the Court after Hip Surgery

patient story

Playing sports was a way of life for Tane, he began playing basketball in second grade. Even at that young age, his parents knew he was going to be tall. As a freshman in high school, he started the year at 6’5” tall. He was on the football team as a freshman. During a preseason workout, he felt like something was wrong with his hip. He played through the pain, all through football season, basketball season, and into the beginning of spring. At that point, he decided to see an orthopedic surgeon at The Center. Upon seeing his x-rays, his pediatric orthopedic specialist, confirmed that his growth plate had slipped out of his hip socket, and it would require surgery to fix it.

Tane was a little concerned that he wouldn’t be able to play sports or reach his ultimate goal of playing college basketball, but Dr. Roth and his entire care team assured him that he would be okay after surgery. Tane was diligent about performing his postoperative exercises and returned to sports when it was safe to do so. His senior year, Tane was 6’11” and had a great basketball season. He earned a full scholarship to play basketball at Pittsburgh State in Kansas. He couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of his surgery, as well as the opportunity to get a great education and continue to do what he loves with the game of basketball.