Tips to Keep the Whole Family Active

As parents, it is important to teach our children healthy habits and the importance of regular physical activity at a young age. However, when life is so busy you can barely make time for yourself to hit the gym, it may seem difficult to find the time to keep your children active. Here are some simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine to stay active as a family.

Take a walk before or after dinner.

Even if it’s just a lap around the neighborhood, scheduling in a brief walk at a time when the whole family will be available is an easy way to stay on track. Even if it’s only twenty minutes, walking a few nights a week is a great way to stay fit. Maybe there’s a family in your neighborhood that would like to join you! To change things up, grab the bikes every once in a while.

Make chores fun.

Turn your household chores or yardwork into a game everyone can do together. Race to see how fast you can clean the house, turn the music up and encourage your little ones to have some fun, or see who can rake the biggest leaf pile. Not only will the family get in some exercise, but your chores will be done quicker!

Plan outdoor activities.

Set aside time each weekend when the whole family is available and plan an outdoor activity you can all enjoy together. Swimming in the summer, sledding in the winter, hiking in the fall, or anything else you’ve always wanted to get around to! Pack some healthy snacks to take along with you and make a day out of it.

Walk to school together.

If your schedule and living situation allows, the whole family can walk or bike to school together in the mornings. This is a great way to start the day with some physical activity and catch up with your family. Even if you can’t commit to walking to school every day, aim for once a week, once a month, or even once in a while!

Enroll your children in sports.

Ask your children if they would be interested in trying out sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, swimming, or anything else that might spark their interest. Make attending sporting events a family affair to get everyone up and out of the house.