A rotator cuff tear is most commonly caused by injury or degeneration. This condition is common and treated often with almost 2 million people visiting their doctor for rotator cuff problems on a yearly basis. What allows you to lift and rotate your arm normally are the rotator cuff tendons which form a covering around the head of your humerus.  Rotator cuff tears occur when there is damage to the tendon which can happen as easily as falling down or lifting something too heavy.

Learn more from Dr. Matthew Lilley in this short video covering the anatomy of the shoulder, the causes of this painful condition, and possible treatment options. Dr. Lilley is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the study, evaluation, and treatment of shoulder, hip and knee injuries and conditions. He takes the time to understand his patients, learn about what motivates them, and then develops a treatment plan to get them back to their previous activities and fitness. He particularly enjoys shoulder arthroscopy and replacement, but is well versed in treating all orthopedic conditions in patients of all ages.