Athlete Returns to Sport after Total Hip Replacement

Being a professional athlete, Matt Lieto was no stranger to injury. However, he was shocked to learn that he needed a total hip replacement after he slipped on some cinder on the side of the road last winter and broke his femur.

His orthopedic surgeon reviewed his fracture x-rays before he met with Matt and knew that the fracture pattern was concerning. It had a real risk of not being able to return to function. He knew that Matt’s goals were to return to sport, so he was able to work with him and create a treatment plan to help him reach his goals.

Matt never believed that he wasn’t going to return to his lifestyle. He worked hard at recovering and followed his surgeon’s recommendations, which ultimately led him to a full recovery. Now he is back to his bike and active lifestyle. He can be found around Bend, where he enjoys being active with friends and family, coaching athletes, and spending time in the outdoors.