A Nordic Skier’s Recovery From Shoulder Injury

JD Patient Story

JD Downing was coaching the Summit High School Nordic team, when he fell while demonstrating what not to do going down a hill, injuring his shoulder. He went to The Center where Dr. James Verheyden diagnosed it as an avulsion fracture. An avulsion fracture is an injury to the bone in a location where a tendon or ligament attaches to the bone. When this occurs, the tendon or ligament pulls off a piece of the bone.

“I was supposed to be in Switzerland a week after my injury, so luckily it did not require surgery,” stated Downing. “Dr. Verheyden gave me a treatment plan that allowed me to continue my recovery while traveling. I was very disciplined and followed his guidelines exactly during that time.”

A Nordic skier since age 8, JD skied on the professional circuit all around the world. That experience enabled him to become a better coach since he knew what was necessary to succeed. He is now more careful about fundamentals and always mandates safety when coaching. He says, “The Center healed me and helped me get back to what I love doing!”