Prevention Strategies for Common Foot and Ankle Problems – Recorded Webinar

Preventing foot and ankle problems

Foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Jay Moore, joins Bend, Oregon’s footwear expert, FootZone, for a discussion on common foot and ankle problems that many walkers, runners, and hikers experience. This webinar covers proactive approaches to avoiding foot and ankle injuries, how to choose the correct shoe for your activity, and answers common questions about Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, ankle sprains, and more!

Topics of discussion include:
·         Foot and ankle conditions common with active individuals – walkers, runners, hikers
·         Overuse injury and the importance of adding variety to your activity
·         How to proactively avoid common foot and ankle problems
·         Signs and symptoms that something more serious is going on
·         Shoes – so many options; which one is best for your condition?
·         Arch supports and orthotics – should you have one in your shoe?
·         When you should see an orthopedic surgeon

About the speakers:

Dr. Jay Moore is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Bend with fellowship training in foot and ankle conditions. His orthopedic interests include hip and knee replacement, minimally invasive surgery for the shoulder and knee, and trauma and fractures. He provides comprehensive, individualized orthopedic care to the communities of Bend and Prineville.

Colleen Sullivan (Col) is the Events and Marketing Coordinator for the FootZone. She joined the FootZone after spending over 20 years working as a Physical Therapist primarily treating orthopedic injuries, frequently managing overuse conditions of the lower extremity. She has always had a passion for sports particularly biking and running and has coaching certifications from RRCA, USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. It was a natural transition for her to move to a new career at the FootZone with outreach to the medical/sports community, educating on the importance of proper shoes/supports and continuing to help customers find the perfect shoe for whatever recreation they chose to partake of here in Central Oregon.