Staying Healthy For The Long Run – Recorded Webinar

Webinar - Staying healthy for the long run

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Our bodies are ever-changing, and as we reach or surpass middle age, changes are occurring in the body that can increase our chance of injury and side-line us from doing the things we love. From running to cycling to walking, there are several activities that many of us would like to continue enjoying for a very long time, and knowing how to care for our bodies in every stage of life will help us do just that.

In this 40 minute webinar, Dr. Katya Urch, orthopedic surgeon at The Center, and long time athlete, Colleen from FootZone, discuss topics such as;

  • The changes our muscles and joints begin to go through around the age of 40
  • Common injuries at the age of 40+, what to watch for, and how to avoid them
  • What nutrients and sustainable practices our bodies need to keep up with the activities we love
  • When to see an orthopedic surgeon for pain
  • Other Q&A questions

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