Dr. Bollom discusses golf injuries with golfers who dad podcast

Golfers Who Dad Podcast

Dr. Timothy Bollom joined the Golfers Who Dad Podcast to discuss the most common injuries in golf and sports. 

Golfers Who Dad asked Dr. Bollom what we can do with sports injuries as adults and what warning signs to look out for in young athletes. 

Dr. Bollom shared his insights to common injuries in golf, teen sports and how golf is changing with Bryson DeChambeau’s new power swing.


What happens when you give a show to three dads with an expert educator who love to golf? They share their journey to becoming better golfers, better dads hoping to one day be dads of a golfer.

What happens when three dads combine forces? Good things. This show takes three golfers who also dad, and combines their two favorite things in life: golf and family. This show is a collection of stories, strategies and tips to become a better golfer and better dad. Our goal is enjoy the two most important things in life while we learn from the best to improve our games. The ultimate goal is to transition from the Golfers Who Dad to the Dads Of A Golfer. We take what we learn from the game to teach our kids and learn how to be a better dad, better parent, and better spouse. You don’t need to be new to golf or parenting to enjoy this podcast. You also don’t need to be a dad to relate, we love moms and dads equally.

Our focus will bring in expert tips for common parenting concerns and address real situations listeners want to learn about. We bring 17 years of professional education experience and over thirty years of amateur golf to create content you will enjoy. Join us on this journey, learn from our mistakes, and listen as we tackle the major issues we face everyday as dads and golfers.