The Center Foundation is dedicated to providing our Central Oregon high schools with athletic trainers and physicians in an effort to keep young athletes safe and in the game. Our community has come to rely heavily on the work of the athletic trainers and physicians, counting on them as the first line of defense when athletes are injured. As executive director of The Center Foundation, Sonja Donohue has played a key role in taking this program to the next level. Sonja and her team work tirelessly to raise funds and spread the word of the powerful work the foundation is doing in our local high schools. Sonja’s strong background in managing philanthropy, paired with her passion for The Center Foundation’s mission, has made her a perfect fit to lead the foundation team these last four years.

Growing up in San Francisco, Sonja was heavily influenced by the vibrant culinary culture of the Bay Area. Immediately after college, she began her own gourmet food, catering, and wine business. Her appropriately named business, Complements, was located in Rincon Center, set outside of San Francisco’s financial district near the waterfront. Sonja still loves to cook and considers it one of her favorite hobbies along with hiking and skiing. One of her greatest accomplishments and fondest memories is completing the Tour de Mont Blank in 2018. This one hundred mile walk through France, Italy, and Switzerland over a ten day period is one of the best trips she says she has ever taken! There’s no doubt, Sonja lives her life pursuing her passions and making the most out of every opportunity.