Excellent healthcare goes beyond the clinic walls where patients are seen by providers. One of the ways The Center provides patients with personalized care is through our referral and authorizations team. Acting on behalf of our patients, this team is dedicated to making sure insurance covers what they should so our doctors can offer our patients the best possible care. Sonja Badley has been with The Center for twelve years and has worked her way up as one of our leading referral specialists and authorizations team members. Sonja loves that she is able to help her Central Oregon community by ensuring patients get the best care and coverage out of their health plan.

Five acres east of town sits Sonya’s family farm where she is raising seven Nigerian dwarf goats and a few pigs. After discovering the healing effects of goat milk soap, Sonja began turning her goats’ milk into soothing soaps, lotions, and other bath products. She started her own small business called, Badley Farms, and sells her products at local craft shows and holiday markets.  A fun fact about Sonja is that she was born in Germany, but moved to Bend when she was very young, where she has spent most of her life. From camping to coast trips, to family game nights at the lake, Sonja never tires of exploring and enjoying her Oregon home.