Shobee Dayrit first traveled to the United States from the Philippines to satisfy her curiosity for the snow. The beautiful, fluffy, white powder was only something she had heard about, but to see, feel, and take pictures of the snow is what Shobee dreamt about doing here in Central Oregon. Bend’s winter wonderland is what brought Shobee here, however, it would not be the reason she decided to stay. Shobee first worked as a mammographer and then as a computer technologist here in the U.S. She had every intention of going back to her home in the Philippines where she could eventually retire, leaving Bend and the snow behind as a wonderful memory. It wasn’t until she began working as a general radiology technician for The Center that she realized staying here would allow her to continue doing something that she loves. Shobee has always loved taking care of people, so the patient care side of her job has been a natural fit and has become a favorite part of her profession.

Shobee enjoys exploring the many hiking trails in Central Oregon and still finds beauty in the snowy weather that first attracted her here. She also takes time to relax with her favorite Netflix or Korean soap opera show from time-to-time. Shobee and her husband of sixteen years have raised two children who have been fortunate enough to grow up with traditional Filipino cooking! Shobee is a fantastic cook and captures her recipes in her blog called, The Skinny Pot, which she updates weekly with her most recent recipe. From the kitchen to the clinic, Shobee genuinely cares for those around her, and we’re fortunate for the level of compassion she provides her patients here at The Center.