You’ve gone to the doctor and finally put a plan in place to cure that pain or fix that injury that’s been plaguing you. Your decision is made and now is the time when everything behind the scenes begins to fall into place to make the plan happen. Saul Trotter has been helping patients get back to the things they love for the past three years at The Center. In fact, being an advocate for our patients is the very reason Saul enjoys his job as much as he does. Saul is a billing specialist, or a billing ninja more like it, who with stealth and speed spends his days working with insurance companies to get our patients the care they need. He enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his daily work, as his tasks and responsibilities keep his focused instincts sharp and ready for action.

Growing up on the outskirts of Kelso, Washington, Saul and his five siblings would entertain themselves by spending most of their time outdoors. His high school years were spent in the much warmer climate of Southern California, but eventually he came to call Central Oregon home. Saul’s eclectic set of hobbies include hiking, running, sketching, reading, video games, and gradually learning Spanish. A recent endeavor he took on in November was completing his first 5K race. He enjoyed it so much that he’s running another 5k in May and hopes to complete a 10k in the near future! With most of his siblings also living in Bend, Saul still enjoys spending his free time with family. We love having someone as dedicated as Saul working on our team, helping our Central Oregon community find their strength again!