Though Mark grew up in Southern California, in 2005 he and his wife relocated to Bend in search of a place where they could enjoy all of their favorite outdoor activities. While they used to prefer mountain biking, they are now very active cyclists, and like to ski in the winter.


Though his position has changed over the years, Mark has sat at the same desk at The Center since December of 2009! As our IT Manager, Mark says his job is a combination of on-going larger projects, proactive work, and “firefighting.”  His favorite part of being an IT Manager is getting to interact with people from so many different departments. If there was one thing Mark would want people to know about his job, it is that people should never feel like they are bothering the IT team – your questions are actually helpful in diagnosing larger problems!


When he’s not working, Mark enjoys mountain biking and cycling, fly fishing, skate skiing, woodworking, and glass fusing! Glass fusing is a technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at a high temperature. Different pieces and colors of glass are cut and designed, melted and fused together, and then fired in a kiln. Take a look at these photos to see some of his work!