Kristina Scharn is the Revenue Cycle Director for The Center. Although she has only been here one year, she has 18 years of healthcare billing experience and is well-versed in her field. Medical billing can be complicated and she is an incredible leader for her diverse team that includes insurance authorizations, insurance billing specialists, payment posting specialists, and patient financial services. During the time she has been here, she has enjoyed getting to know her team and improve billing processes for the organization. She says, “I have an amazing team of people that are funny, smart, and great to work with. They work hard to get things done as efficiently and accurately, but we also have a lot of fun.”

She has been married for two years and has a son, two step-daughters, and a rambunctious Boston Terrier named Dexter. Kristina and her husband own a business together that provides lawn care and debris removal. He manages the operations and not surprisingly, she manages the books. A self-proclaimed OCD neat-freak, she has been known to vacuum herself out of the room so it has “perfect lines” and is constantly moving things around the house to her husband’s dismay. Somehow, she still finds time to enjoy the outdoors of Central Oregon and enjoys kayaking, camping, floating the river, and spending time with friends and family.