A medical assistant’s role is crucial to the quality of care a patient receives. Medical assistants wear many hats, and the work they do is often done behind the scenes. MAs are drawn to this position for a variety of reasons, but for Kepi Hurt it is the opportunity to help patients feel more comfortable and confident in often stressful or traumatic situations that gives her a love for what she does. Serving as a Medical assistant for many years, Kepi has gained experience working in a variety of specialties. With urgent care being her favorite, she has also spent extensive time working with The Center’s physical medicine and rehabilitation team, as well as the upper extremity and sports medicine teams.

Photographing the flowers she so dearly loves in her garden and capturing life’s special moments is one of Kepi’s favorite hobbies. She’s a proud mother and grandmother, which may help explain her innate sense for caring for others.

Pau Hana, meaning “rest at the end of the day,” as well as the name of Kepi’s five acre hobby farm, is wisdom she brought with her to Oregon after living in Hawaii for ten years. The saying has become a way of life for Kepi, especially in the spring and summer time when her favorite moment is in the evenings, enjoying the panoramic mountain views from her farm where she can truly find rest at the end of her day.