A surgery scheduler’s job is to work closely with both the patient and provider, helping to ensure smooth progression of the patient’s care. As surgery scheduling supervisor for The Center, Jessica Glover welcomes the many challenges that come with scheduling a high volume of patients in a very fast-paced work environment. Jessica works closely with our schedulers on a daily basis, helping the team work efficiently and successfully so that our patients receive the highest quality care in a timely manner. After six years at The Center, Jessica continues to enjoy the challenge that working in health care provides, and finds it rewarding to care for patients in a compassionate progressive way.

Jessica’s love for the outdoors followed her all the way from her beautiful childhood home of Whitefish, Montana, to her current home in Central Oregon. As summer nears, so do some of Jessica’s favorite hobbies. Camping, hunting, riding horses, and exploring on an ATV are just a few things Jessica loves to do, but no activity could be more fun or fulfilling to Jessica than raising her sweet little boy who is her entire world.

We are grateful to Jessica and her team of dedicated surgery schedulers who play an intricate role in helping patients receive exceptional care and compassion here at The Center.