Making a difference in the lives of people is the driving force behind the personalized care Jaron Wilson provides our Central Oregon community. Whether he is working in the clinic or on the sideline, Jaron’s expertise as an orthopedic technician and athletic trainer serves a variety of our patient’s care needs. In the clinic, the majority of Jaron’s time is spent applying casts, splints, and braces to patients. He also assists in surgeries from time to time. Through The Center’s partnership with the Bend FC Timbers soccer organization, Jaron offers athletic training and medical support to their players throughout their season. He plays a key role in keeping their athletes healthy and helping them perform at their highest level.

If Jaron isn’t caring for soccer players on the sideline, then you may find him coaching or playing with them instead. Outside of work, Jaron coaches a local club soccer team as well as plays for an indoor team. On soccer-free days Jaron will head outside to find somewhere fairly secluded where he can hike around and explore. He finds cooking to be very relaxing after a long day and enjoys experimenting with different recipes. You didn’t hear this from us, but apparently, Jaron is known for touching his tongue to his nose…you’ll have to ask him yourself to find out for sure.