­­­­­­­Jacqueline Haro has called Central Oregon “home” for more than three decades now. As one of our medical coders here at The Center, Jacqueline spends her days making sure correct medical codes are applied during the medical billing process. When she’s not in the office checking codes, she’s most likely outside kayaking, hiking, gardening, camping, or competing in her next weightlifting competition. Jacqueline currently holds the state record in weightlifting for her weight class and age, a feat she never imagined accomplishing!

Outside of her recreational activities, Jacqueline raises her family and takes time to give back to her community.  She is part of an organization called, Team Red White Blue, and their mission is to enrich the lives of veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.  As a mother to both the two-legged and four-legged kind, Jacqueline enjoys spending quality time with her two sons and being a good doggie momma. Leading by example, she encourages those around her to live healthy and active lives, and we’re lucky to have such an inspiring team member!