Meet Andra, the Health Information Management (HIM) lead. Her department of 14 is responsible for any type of medical correspondence coming in or out of The Center, which must be done securely and efficiently. This includes health history information for new patients, medical records releases, and workers comp, among other things. Her group is extremely meticulous because the information that goes into a patient’s medical record is vital to our doctors, allowing them to see anything from past medical records that could impact treatment. They manage a huge amount of critical information every day. Last month they collected or sent medical information for over 3500 patients!

A self-proclaimed “homebody,” Andra enjoys baking, making soap, and playing with her children. On the flipside, she also loves to travel! Pictured here in Bath, England, with her husband, she is looking forward to her next family vacation to Hawaii in January. Their family is also breeding their golden retriever right now and she is looking forward to having their first litter of snuggly puppies very soon.