Growing up in Prineville, Adrienne is as local as they come. Her previous experience working as an adjuster, and her desire to help doctors and their medical staff, led her to The Center twelve years ago. Originally hired as a workers’ compensation specialist and financial representative, Adrienne’s position has evolved as The Center has expanded, and she now serves as supervisor of financial services and authorizations. She oversees and coordinates a large team dedicated to helping patients get their medical procedures authorized by insurance, as well as, offer financial services to patients.

The role Adrienne plays here at The Center is truly valued and appreciated, but her greatest achievements come from being a wife, a mother to her daughters, and grandmother to her sweet granddaughter. At home, Adrienne enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, and reading. She’s a crafty lady, too – especially during the holiday season when it’s mandatory that her Christmas tree and wrapping paper must all match. With her fantastic sense of holiday style, and wealth of knowledge and experience, we greatly benefit from Adrienne’s leadership here at The Center. Here’s to twelve years and counting!