I arrived in Redding, California three days early for the 2016 National Field Archery Association competition which was to begin on Friday May 6, 2016. My left bow arm shoulder was a little sore from practicing at home, but I went ahead and practiced on the lower 14 course Tuesday afternoon.  I woke up Wednesday morning with severe shoulder pain. I couldn’t even raise my arm that I hold the bow with above my shoulder! There was no way I could shoot in the competition. I called The Center first thing that morning hoping to be seen. My regular doctor, Dr. Verheyden, was out of state so I was given an appointment late that same afternoon with his PA, Thom Dernbach in the Old Mill location.

I drove all the way back from Redding to be seen, a 350 mile, 5 hour trip.  Thom Dernbach examined my shoulder and took an x-ray and told me I had an inflamed bursa and that he could fix me right up. He gave me a shoulder injection and then I turned around and drove all the way back to Redding for the three-day competition that started on Friday. On Thursday morning I woke up and my shoulder felt wonderful, I could raise my arm like nothing ever happened! I went on to win my division at Nationals for my 3rd National title in a row. I couldn’t have done it without the team at The Center. 

A huge thanks go out to The Center, and specifically Thom Dernbach, for accommodating my needs!