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“I went from playing sports to being completely bedridden at age 15 because of my hip pain. Now I am getting back to everything I can – swimming, biking, walking, and playing with my siblings…” keep reading.

Raenah Gehm

Pediatric Patient

Caring For Kids From Head To Toe

Children and teenagers need specialized orthopedic and neurosurgical care for their growing bodies and brains. We have always cared for children at The Center because we are passionate about helping children become healthy adults. Our pediatric specialists are here to provide a wide range of specialized treatment options for families in Central Oregon, with exceptional care and compassion.

When your child is hurt and requires specialized orthopedic care, our pediatric experts offer a range of advanced treatments and services ensuring your child gets the best possible care to get them back to what they love doing.

With the region’s only pediatric neurosurgeon, The Center is committed to caring for all types of pediatric brain and nervous system conditions. Our pediatric neurosurgeon combines family-focused care with clinical expertise to diagnose and treat complex conditions in children and adolescents.

If your child is in need of immediate care, our NOWcare walk-in injury clinic is open to provide orthopedic expertise and concussion care services. 

Each quarter we send a short email containing blogs, videos, and other educational information straight from our pediatric orthopedic and neurosurgery teams. 

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