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The Center offers pediatric baseline concussion testing to assess and manage injuries in children age 5-11. ImPACT pediatric is a pre and post-injury neurocognitive test administered on an iPad.

Baseline testing is done before a child experiences a brain injury, so if a concussion is suspected, our providers have objective data, along with other tests of balance, oculomotor, and vestibular processes to measure the extent of the injury and create a treatment plan. High-impact sports such as hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, snowboarding and skiing carry an increased risk of concussion. For children participating in any activities where they may experience head trauma, baseline testing is highly encourage

Concussion signs and symptoms can differ from child to child, and may not occur for days or weeks after the injury. Parents and coaches should be aware and learn what to look for in the event of a head injury. If a concussion has occurred, and the child does not receive treatment, consequences can be severe.

Headache Forgets events prior to injury
Nausea Forgets events after injury
Balance problems Behavior or personality changes
Vision problems Loses consciousness, even briefly
Sleep issues Appears to be dazed or stunned
Difficulty concentrating Confused about school assignments
Light or noise sensitivity Answers questions slowly
Anxiety/mood disturbances Moves clumsily
DIzziness or fogginess  












The cost for the baseline test is $25, and $40 for post-injury testing. Unfortunately, most health plans do not cover the cost. For more information, or to schedule, call 541-322-2214.