Patient Portal

Need a medication refill?

Simply request one through your patient portal account.

No time to call?

Cancel or reschedule your appointment, or request a new appointment with the click of a button.

Can’t remember your doctor’s orders?

Send a non-urgent secure message to your doctor and they’ll get back to you during business hours.

Ready to enroll?

Stop by the front desk at your next appointment to request a connection.

To enroll your child or an adult you make health decisions for, please fill out this proxy form and bring it to your next appointment.

Welcome to The Center’s online patient portal. This is a secure, simple way for you to manage your patient account at your convenience, 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble logging in or accessing my account. Who can help me troubleshoot?

Call our patient portal support line at 541-322-2275 or email One of our expert patient portal agents will get back to you within 24 hours to assist you. 

Can you use the app on an iPad?
The app works on an iPad, but there is a known issue that requires users to delete the app and reinstall at every log in. We recommend using a different device for the best user experience.
How do I access my account after I complete the initial set-up?
For secure, one click access, we recommend that you go into your web browser and create a favorite or bookmark of the login link to your online Patient Account. You can also access FollowMyHealth from The Center’s webpage or download the app for Android or iPhone by searching for FollowMyHealth in the app store.
I’m concerned about security. What protocols are in place to protect my information?
Security is a legitimate concern, especially when it comes to your medical records. FollowMyHealth encrypts your data while it is in transit and encrypts it again when it is stored in the database for your use. Maintaining your privacy is our top priority and your information cannot be accessed without your user ID and password.
What happens if I forget my username or password?

As a security measure, FollowMyHealth does not have the ability to retrieve your username if it is forgotten. Please reference your original email as a reminder of your username. If you forget your password, please follow the instructions to reset your password on the FollowMyHealth login page. If you are using your Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Windows Live to log in, you will need to reset your password through that provider.

If you are still having trouble, call The Center’s dedicated patient portal support line at 541-322-2275.

If I use my Facebook login data for FollowMyHealth, will my medical information show up in my Facebook profile?

FollowMyHealth does not interface with Facebook in any way so it is impossible for your medical information to be transferred to your Facebook profile or to be viewed/accessed by any other Facebook user. If you are using your Facebook user ID to log into FollowMyHealth, your session with Facebook will end as soon as your password has been confirmed. For more online security, we recommend using a unique login username and password whenever you’re creating online accounts.

Can I make appointments with The Center’s providers through FollowMyHealth?
Yes! FollowMyHealth offers convenient access to our scheduling team online. With the exception of same-day appointments, you may request office visits through the patient portal. You will receive email confirmation of your appointment the day you make it and will receive a reminder text or email one day before your appointment date. Need to cancel or reschedule? You can manage that through FollowMyHealth as well – all with secure 24/7 access from the convenience of your personal computer.
Can I request prescription refills through FollowMyHealth @ The Center?
Yes! Always check with your pharmacy first as there may be refills available. If you need to request additional refills from your provider, it’s easy to request through the patient portal.
How do I use the secure messaging feature to contact my physician?

The secure messaging system is a tool much like email that you can use to communicate with your provider when you have a non-emergent question. It is encrypted so all of your messages are secure and will become part of your medical record. Medical consultations cannot be conducted via the messaging system.

My question has not been answered here. How do I learn more?

Call The Center’s dedicated support line at 541-322-2275 or email a member of our support team at