Pre-Surgery Appointments

Your pre-surgery appointments are important to prepare you for your surgery. These appointments are designed to gather information so we can safely care for you.

Dental exam

We recommend you see your dentist at least one month before surgery to ensure that you don’t have any infections or problems that could delay your surgery. Have all dental work completed, including routine cleaning, at least a month prior to surgery to allow sufficient time for healing and to minimize the risk of infections.


Within 4 weeks of your surgery date, you will need to complete necessary lab work and an EKG. This may be done with your primary care provider or separately.

Appointment with primary care provider

The surgery scheduling sta­ff will help arrange an appointment with your primary care provider for a pre-surgical physical prior to surgery. Your provider will evaluate your overall health and determine if you can proceed with surgery. Often, you will have your lab work and EKG at this time.

Pre-op appointment with surgeon

Approximately one week before your surgery, you will meet with your surgeon and his or her nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA). At this appointment, the following will be reviewed:

  • Your information gathered from your primary care provider
  • Your surgical site
  • Provide education about your upcoming surgery
  • Discuss home plans
  • Therapy and equipment
  • Benefits, risks, and alternatives to your upcoming surgery

Please make sure to bring your coach and your list of questions to this appointment.

Total Joint Class

St. Charles offers a free total joint education class. It is important that you attend this class prior to surgery. The class explains what to expect in the hospital and what you need for your recovery at home.

St. Charles Medical Center pre-op visit

You will receive a call from a St. Charles pre-surgery nurse. The nurse will review your health history and help get you registered at the hospital for surgery.

Print this appointment checklist and medication list to help prepare for your surgery.