In The Hospital


  • The pre-surgery nurse will call you back to the pre-surgery area.
  • You will change into a gown.
  • You will have an IV started.
  • Your surgical site will be prepped, which means your hair will be clipped and site marked.
  • Meet your anesthesiologist.
  • Take your pre-surgery medications.
  • You will be asked to wipe down your body with Chlorohexidine wipes. This decreases the overall bacteria on your body and can decrease risk of infection.


The surgery will generally take 1 ½ – 2 hours. Your coach can wait in the waiting area. Ask your coach to check in with the receptionist so the surgeon can locate him or her after surgery. 

After surgery

You will wake up in the recovery room. The nurses will check your vitals, administer medications, and assess your surgical dressing. They will allow you to drink sips of fluids as you start to awaken.

Recovery Process

After surgery you will get up and out of bed with either the physical therapist or the nurse. Typically, you can put as much weight as comfortable on your operative leg. You can sit in the chair or walk in the hallway depending on how you are feeling.


Discharge Goals

  • Meet therapy goals (see below)
  • Adequate pain control
  • Urinating without difficulty
  • Bowel care

Therapy discharge goals

  • Get in and out of bed with minimal help
  • Walk safely with walker or crutches
  • Be able to safely dress, bathe, and complete toileting
  • Walk adequate distance to make you safe at home
  • Be able to walk up and down two or more stairs safely
  • Are able to follow hip precautions (if applicable)