Hip Pain

The hip is similar to other major joints of the body, made of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles to support the body’s weight and provide stability and movement of the body. The hip utilizes a ball and socket joint, made up of the intersection of the femoral head, which functions as the ball, and acetabulum, which serves as the socket. Properly functioning hips allow us to walk, jump, and bend successfully. Normal function of the hip is vital for all mobile individuals. However, the hip is also prone to a variety of disorders, partly because it is a complex joint and undergoes a considerable amount of daily wear and tear.

People of all ages and lifestyles are susceptible to dozens of different hip conditions and diseases, including overuse injuries, osteoarthritis, and bursitis. Osteoarthritis is perhaps the most common hip injury typically showing up later in life. This disease often presents as pain with normal activity that progressively becomes worse. Our hip surgeons are proficient in using the latest surgical methods, including minimally invasive techniques. When the pain of osteoarthritis prohibits you from performing and/or enjoying your normal activities of daily living, it is time to see a board certified orthopedic hip surgeon at The Center to discuss your treatment options.