After Surgery

Equipment needed after surgery

There are several pieces of durable medical equipment (DME) that will be necessary and/or useful in your recovery. You may have friends, family, or neighbors that have undergone a similar surgery and have this equipment that you could borrow. Or there are DME suppliers throughout Oregon to help you with your equipment needs.

Here is a sample of equipment that will be useful after surgery:

Front-Wheeled Walker

This is helpful for the first few weeks after surgery. It is recommended that you get a walker with wheels on the front only. The walkers with four wheels can often get too far ahead of you, and increase your risk for falling after surgery. Transition to a cane when you are ready.

Leg Lifter

This will make it easier to get in and out of bed for the first few days after surgery.

Grab Bars

It can be helpful to install grab bars in your bathroom area prior to your surgery. Place them near the toilet or bath tub/shower area, so you have additional security and assistance when transferring.


This is helpful to get things that have fallen on the ground.

Elevated Toilet Seat

If your toilets are low, this will make it easier to get on and off­ the toilet.