Preparing for Your Visit

Thank you for choosing The Center. To ensure your visit is as smooth and convenient as possible, please complete the following prior to your first appointment:

Medical History

All new patients and patients we haven’t seen within two years must fill out a medical history form. Click here to fill out the form online so we can have the information in your electronic health record when you arrive. You can also do this by phone by calling 541-322-2353.

Photo ID and Insurance Card

Keeping your medical records and PHI (Protected Health Information) safe is a top priority at The Center. Every time you check in for a visit, we will ask for your insurance card and government issued photo ID.

Provider Checklist

Be prepared for your visit with your doctor by bringing the following:

  • List of questions for your physician
  • List of symptoms
  • Any recent X-ray or MRIs related to your condition
  • Any recent tests related to your condition

Patient Portal

For added convenience, sign up for a patient portal account. You can make and cancel appointments online, message your doctor, review doctor notes, ask for prescription refills, and more.