Abigail – medical scribe

The best things in life aren’t things; they’re moments and people and glances and nights with little sleep and days spent in discomfort.

Where did you grow up?

Stories from my childhood begin with “when I lived in…” Living in one place for four years is as close I can get to a “hometown.” I grew up moving every few years as a result of my dad’s job. Living in England was the coolest. I most recently moved to Bend from Boulder, Colorado.  

What do you do at the center?

 I work as a scribe i.e. the person sitting in the corner of the room recording the pertinent aspects of patient appointments. I’m hoping to go to medical school in the future and right now scribing is phenomenal experience. From the terminology to the subtleties of patient-provider interactions and firsthand exposure to the medical field, it’s been an excellent avenue for further understanding the profession. I work primarily with Dr. Urch who is both a marvelous physician and a huge inspiration.

What are your hobbies?

I delved into cross country skiing this past winter, which was super fun. As far as active things go, I also enjoy cycling, tennis, running, swimming, paddle boarding, traveling, and scuba diving. For not so active things, I enjoy writing and reading. 

Share something interesting!

When my family lived in England, my brother and I went to a British School. There’s video evidence out there that we would take on an english accent while at school and then switch back to an american one upon returning home.