The health info our readers found most helpful in 2018

This past year we’ve brought you a lot of information concerning your health. We’ve covered a range of topics from orthopedic, to neurosurgical, to rehabilitative care. As we enter a new year of writing fresh new content, we’re taking a look back at the top blogs our readers found to be most helpful and informative in 2018.

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Expanding Our Medical Team

The Center is pleased to announce these additions to our diverse team of highly-trained doctors. Each brings valuable skills and specific expertise to the team that will help keep pace with Central Oregon’s continued growth.

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Common Climbing Injuries

While there is a risk of traumatic injury for rock climbers, they are more likely to experience overuse injuries to the hand, wrist, shoulder, or elbow.

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NOWcare Open at Four Locations

Walk-in injury assessment and treatment is now available in Redmond, and three locations in Bend: Neff Road, Old Mill District, and Shevlin Health and Wellness Center.

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Baseball Injury Prevention

According to U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 627,000 Americans are treated in medical facilities for baseball-related injuries each year.

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How-To Guide: RICE Treatment

After an accident such as an ankle sprain or knee injury, you can relieve pain, reduce swelling and counteract the body’s initial response to injury with the RICE Treatment.

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Old Mill Orthopedic Clinic

The Center is expanding into a newly renovated ground floor clinic located inside the Bend Memorial Clinic (BMC) Old Mill District Clinic.

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Podiatrist or Orthopedic Surgeon?

Deciding which type of doctor to see can be a real “pain in the foot.” Here is some information about orthopedic foot and ankle specialists to help you decide if you are seeing the right doctor.

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