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Dustin Larson, MD

The privilege of taking care of people and the relationships that develop through my work as a physician and surgeon are the most satisfying parts of what I do. I enjoy listening to patients and learning about them as an individual and their story to develop an understanding of their specific needs and goals. Then we can work together to develop the best approach to restore function and improve symptoms.

Fellowship: Hand and Upper Extremity at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Residency: Oregon Health and Science University, Portland
Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University, Portland
Undergraduate Education: University of Washington, Seattle

About Dr. Larson

Dustin Larson, MD, specializes in the study, evaluation, and treatment of the hand and upper extremity. He was motivated to pursue this specialty because he enjoys the unique complexity and intricate function of the hand. During his training as an orthopedic surgeon, he was particularly inspired by hand surgery because it provides the opportunity to care for patients of all ages and to address conditions that affect skin, muscle, tendon, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, bone, and joints. He also has a special interest in microsurgery, which is used to treat injuries and complex conditions that affect blood vessels, nerves, soft tissues, and bone. During his training, he had the gratifying opportunity of teaching and working with patients in communities in the United States and abroad in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Peru. Those experiences profoundly influenced his practice of medicine and surgery, and desire to address unmet healthcare needs.

Dr. Larson joins The Center with a diverse background. He completed his undergraduate studies in economics, and started his career in the timber and technical industries. He went on to study and train in aviation, but still had a desire to do something more. Inspired by his orthopedic surgeon brother, he began a career in healthcare in several roles before he knew medicine, and particularly surgery, was the opportunity to translate all of his life experiences into a meaningful and fulfilling career. Since then, every day has been an adventure.

Dr. Larson looks forward to practicing at The Center with an esteemed group of highly-trained colleagues with long-standing ties to the community. He has many fond memories of growing up and spending summers in Central Oregon, with family ties in both Christmas Valley and Tokatee. He has come full circle, and is excited to now call Bend his home.

Spending time with his wife and family is his favorite pastime. He enjoys reading, cooking, baking, projects around the home, travel, teaching, and community service-oriented projects. His favorite outdoor activities include running, cycling, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and skiing.

Publications, Activities, and Awards
  • Simultaneous Presence of a Trans-ligamentous Recurrent Motor Branch of the Median Nerve and Palmaris Profundus Tendon in a Patient with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report. The UNM Orthopaedic Research Journal, 2016.

  • The H-Taping Method for Prophylactic or Temporary Fixation of Partial A2 Pulley Tears During Rock Climbing: A Biomechanical Study. Presented at Western Orthopaedic Association Meeting and Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting and Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, 2016.

  • Partial Release of the Pronator Quadratus Muscle for Coverage of a Distal Radius Volar Locking Plate. Presented at UNM Alumni Conference, 2016.

  • Orthopaedic Surgery in the Peruvian Amazon. The Oregon Journal of Orthopaedics, 2014.

  • Morris Hughes Award for Patient Care and Resident Education OHSU, 2015.

  • American Society for Surgery of the Hand Resident Scholarship Award, 2013.

  • Laparascopic Giant All-time High Score Record Laparoscopic Skills Lab OHSU, 2011.


“Dr. Larson was amazing. He saw me right away, performed the procedure in an emergency fashion. He called me on his cell that night to check on me after the surgery. He was there for both of my checkups personally, and even took my stitches out himself. I was so impressed I would highly recommend him.”  

“My mother was brought in with a broken leg resulting from faulty hardware that had been placed back in January at another location. Dr. Larson was always very kind, patient, and kept us well informed of everything that was going on. When I became frustrated with some of the things going on and lack of communication with the staff, he appeared and was able to calm my frustrations and help my mother with what was needed at the time. He is the type of doctor that I would trust caring for any of my children or myself. He was able to talk in an understanding way to allow us to fully understand everything that was happening. And he was very sincere. If it had not been for Dr. Larson, I would have had my mother transferred out of the hospital and into another facility.”

“I came into the ER on Sunday morning at around 5:30 am. I was bleeding from a head wound, shaking from fear, and crying because I was emotionally confused. You came into my room and immediately cared for my head. I was quiet and was not comfortable talking to anyone about my situation. I had told you that I fell on a lamp. You persisted to talk to me and calm me down. I finally came around and realized that I was lying to myself and to the medical staff – I then opened up my heart and personal life to you. You gave me such generalized advice that you made sure not to blame my boyfriend (the person who caused the wound) or me (the victim). I didn’t realize what affect you had on me until I had later spoken to my ex-boyfriend. At the moment when I was sharing what happened with you I felt hope and relief; I felt as if I had a second chance to change the situation at hand and the direction in which my future relationships would go. I felt relief when I could just talk to someone who was completely uninvolved. The way that you listened and spoke with me made a huge difference because, again, you gave specific advice to the situation at hand but generalized it enough to where you made sure that you didn’t point a finger towards anyone. That helped me out a lot because it helped me to realize it on my own rather then someone telling me I didn’t deserve what had happened. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that I spoke with you for a reason.”

“I would like to thank you all for taking care of me. I was amazed at how serious ya’ll were about your job, but yet you made my stay at the hospital incredibly enjoyable. Thank you for taking care of all my needs; you made sure I was okay at all times and that my family was comfortable. I loved the fact that you guys were pretty humorous and made me smile. When I first came to the Trauma Center I was scared pretty bad, but being there with you guys was so relaxed that I stopped freaking out. Also, a big thank you for not cutting my jeans. I did make it to my prom, which I owe to you guys for working so fast and efficiently so that I could leave as soon as possible.”


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